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Found Money Management Seminar

Helping families to live debt free and truly wealthy

For homeowners who have financial goals, such as college funding, or retirement; but also have uncontrolled credit card debt.

Learn how to
take control
of your finances and get on a path to comfortable retirement without spending more than you do now.

Our September seminars were well attended and we are now working with over a dozen families helping them get their financial houses in order.

Call or email to see if this program is right for you.
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Dental Plan
This is the best individual/family plan we have seen.

RxGold Card
Compare actual drug prices on-line

College Funding
Helping parents find the money to pay for college without going broke!

This school year, we can only take on 14 new students.  Being referred by an existing client will increase your chances of being selected as a new client. 
Call today to talk to us.

Do you have a student athlete  in high school that wants to use their athletic ability to help get into and pay for college?
Our special program will help this happen.  Call to sit down with us and talk about your options.

IRA/401k rollovers
Stop stock market losses with our IRAs!  Call for an appointment

Short-Term Medical Insurance
Are you between jobs?  Bridge the health insurance gap. 
Quote and apply on-line here.

Major Medical Insurance
Quote and apply on-line for Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) or regular health insurance.

Infinite Banking concept
"Be Your Own Banker"!
Did you read the book authored by Nelson Nash and want to put his concept into play for yourself?
Contact us today to set this program up for you!

Lottery Winners' Resources
Have you come into a lot of money? 
Did you win the lottery, win a law suit, or inherit? 
You have heard of lottery winners who are broke within a year...
Don't let this happen to you!
Call us now to get some direction and make this money last your whole life!

Bank on Yourself
Alisa LeSueur is the South Texas expert on the
"Be Your Own Banker" Concept.
Start your own bank with us TODAY and stop paying interest to finance companies tomorrow!

Keep the money for yourself.
Email or call for an appointment




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